Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Mindful Transitions is a team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) who are extensively trained to provide clinical social work services on site to seniors living in assisted and independent living environments.  Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide:

Individual Psychotherapy-In Person and via Telehealth (video or phone)
Group Psychotherapy and Classes
Geriatric Forensic Services
Involuntary Commitment Evaluations
Family Care Consulting
Transition Consulting
Family-Based Consultation for Dementia Caregiving
Private Practice Consulting Services

To learn more visit our Services page.

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Q: What are Clinical Social Workers and what do Clinical Social Work Services include?

A: All members of our clinical team are Licensed Clinical Social Workers in the state of Georgia. Clinical Social Workers are licensed to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, counseling, psychotherapy, intervention, and evaluation of treatment outcomes. Social Workers in Georgia are both licensed and governed by Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage & Family Therapists.

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Q: How much do your services cost? Do you accept Medicare/Insurance?

A: Mindful Transitions accepts Medicare and most private secondary insurances. Typically, Medicare and the secondary insurance pay for the majority of the costs of each session. Each session does, however, have a $40 House Call Fee to cover the cost of travel and other expenses associated with providing high-quality in-home clinical care (see more below).  Prior to each new client appointment we attempt to clarify the total out of pocket cost there may be for our sessions.

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Q: Which private insurances do you accept?

A: Mindful Transitions and our clinicians are participating providers with traditional Medicare and secondary/supplemental plans. We are not participating providers with any Private insurance plans (including Medicare Advantage Plans). Why not? Simply put, we would not be able to provide the kind of high level care, variety of services and individualized treatment that we do currently when working with a private insurance-based model.

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Q: Can I get reimbursed if I have private insurance?

A: We can provide you with any paperwork necessary so that you can file a claim with your insurance company. The insurance company will reimburse you directly. The amount of reimbursement is completely dependent on your insurance plan. If you call your insurance company to inquire, you should ask about reimbursement for “out-of-network, mental health service” expenses.

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Q: Do you charge for coming to me?

A: We do charge a $40 House Call Fee for each session. The House Call Fee covers the following clinical social work services that are not covered by insurance (Considered a “Non-Covered Service” per Medicare guidelines) but are imperative for good clinical care:

  • Travel to the patient’s home or assisted living environment
  • In-home evaluation of patient’s environment for successful aging in place
  • Evaluation of environmental contributors to current or future illness
  • On-site safety evaluations and interventions as needed
  • Coordination of care in real time with on-site facility staff, family, and other providers
  • Clinical evaluation of physical changes and prescription changes and their impact on in-home functioning
  • On-site level of care assessment
  • Evaluation of social functioning in environment
  • Coordination of needed additional resources in-home environment
  • Family/collateral contact clinical updates, and
  • Family/patient/facility education regarding behavioral health and necessary support services for seniors.

Mindful TransitionsQ: How do I know who is going to see me? Which Clinician will I see?

A: Mindful Transitions has clinicians covering most of the Metro Atlanta area and specializing in a variety of issues. Depending on your location and current situation a clinician will be assigned to begin services with you. Our clinicians have also posted their biographies, which can be reviewed at the “Meet Our Team” link below.

Meet Our Team

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Q: How do I know if you can help me/my mom/my dad? What issues do you work with?

A: The clinical team has a variety of special skills and training. We typically see clients for issues related to the transitions of aging. For example, some of our clients begin services due to excessive worry, depressed mood, low energy, increased pain levels, tearfulness, grief and loss, irritability, struggles with a recent move, transition, or life change, adjustment to new medications, new medical diagnosis, or living situation. Please feel free to call with any specific questions about your individual situation. We’re always glad to speak with you to see if we may be able to help.

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Q: I’m the Power of Attorney (POA) for my mother/father and I usually sign all of his/her paperwork. Can I sign my mother/father up for services with Mindful Transitions?

A: The client must sign his/her own consents for treatment either prior to starting services or at the first session. We will be glad to keep a copy of the POA or any Healthcare Advanced Directives (Living Will, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, POLST, etc) on file for reference but those documents generally do not allow an agent the power to sign mental health consents for treatment. If a POA signs on behalf of your parent, we will still need to get your parent to sign himself/herself as well.

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Q: What parts of town do you cover? Which buildings do you cover?

A: Right now we see clients in and around metro Atlanta. The most up to date coverage map is shown on “Our Service Area” page but we can always answer questions about specific locations if you call or email us through our “Contact Us” page. Both of these links can be found below. We’re always growing our coverage area so check the map for the most up to date service area.

Our Service Area            Contact Us

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Q: How soon can I see someone?

A: Typically, we can see a new client within two weeks. Many of our clinicians see clients on the weekends during both day and evening hours. Prior to the first session we will verify that we have a clinician available to see you in the area where you currently reside. We will also need to verify your insurance benefits/coverage and determine if there are any out of pocket costs to you before we come out. If your needs are urgent please contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll do our best to see you as soon as possible.

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Q: Do I need a referral from my doctor?

A: No. Because we fall under the specialty of Mental Health a doctor’s order is not required to start services. We will gladly coordinate with your physician (if you give written permission) upon starting services.

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Q: Who can refer a client? How do I refer a client/resident for your services?

A: Anyone can refer a client to our services. For us to be able to begin services the client must be agreeable to having us in his/her home for services and willing and able to consent for services.

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Q: Can I come to your office? Where are you located?

A: Mindful Transitions clinicians are mobile to our clients so our office is wherever the client is located. We have administrative office space only and clients are not seen at the administrative office. Please feel free to check our coverage map to see if we can come to you!

Our Coverage Area

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Q: How do I get started? What do I need to do to get services started for my mom/dad?

A: First, please call our office or send a request through the website (please see below for link to our “Contact Us” page). Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

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